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Management property

Easy rental property management in Thailand. Allow VillasHomes to help you manage your property in Phuket, find tenants and ensure compliance with regulations. 

Our company is engaged in competent management of Your property. We make a commitment to you. We deal with such issues as finding customers for your property,registration, signing contracts, money transfers, the safety of your house in good conditions and many other issues.

We also provide professional photo and video shooting of your property. Among our customers are the top projects of the island.

We provide a stream of customers from around the world
We take control of your property
You get guaranteed profit

Property type

Private villa
Residential complex
Multifunctional complex

Individual approach and conditions for each client

The types of services

Property management
Marketing and commercialization
Letting your property
Sale of your property

Our advantages

Significant savings
Management of real estate by the specialists of the company "Villas Homes" makes it possible to avoid unnecessary costs for the purchase of complex equipment and the involvement of a full-time employee.
Only specialist
Clear rule
One contractor
As a gift when applying
* Receive
shooting of an object
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