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About Us

The company "VillasHomes" is pleased to offer you a wide range of services for the selection, acquisition and registration of real estate rights in Thailand.

Individual approach to each client

We help you to choose exactly what you need. A sensitive attitude to the needs of the customers and full understanding of the parameters of the property required by the clients, ensure success in finding real estate with our company.

High professionalism and long-term experience of our employees in the real estate market of Thailand make the choice, acquisition, registration and further maintenance of your property in Thailand easy and reliable. Quality assurance.

The company "VillasHomes" is one of the most experienced companies in Phuket. The partners of our company are the leading legal, accounting and construction companies.

All services are provided at a high professional level.

The acquisition of real estate in Phuket, Thailand

Buying property in Phuket gives you not only the opportunity to become the owner of your house or apartment in this paradise of the world, but also to make profitable investment. The cost of the real estate in Phuket is constantly growing. Also, the costs of the objects at the stage of construction and finished building are significantly different. During the construction cost can grow up to 30%.

We are an independent Agency

As an independent real estate Agency, we provide our clients with only up-to-date and objective information. As professional realtors we will help you to choose the best suitable option of real estate in accordance with your wishes.

The company "VillasHomes" gives professional advice on the sale and rental of real estate in Phuket, including the sale of land plots, new projects and the secondary real estate market.

We are happy to show and tell you about real estate in Phuket and help you make the right choice in buying or renting real estate.

As professional real estate agents, we will help you answer questions such as what to buy, where to buy and how to buy? We will answer all your questions, as well as guide you from and to through the process of buying your chosen property.

«VillasHomes» provides the following services:

Rental Property

Rent of villas, houses, apartments for comfortable rest.

Property For Sale

Sale of villas, houses, apartments throughout Phuket.

Property management

Search for clients, maintenance of housing, income from lease of the property.

Investments in Property

The opportunity to buy villa, apartment, house and to receive 10% annual interest rate from the value of your property.

Rent a Car
Rent a Car

Car rental services are provided throughout Phuket.

Photo-video shooting
Photo-video shooting

Services of professional photo and video shooting of your property are provided.